“Full Service is part of the relationship of trust”

Have technical expertise from IRATI International’s operational team, particularly on issues of formulation, regulation
and sourcing, while also benefiting from the proposed ancillary services
(creative studio, implementation of marketing strategies, etc.).

To meet your needs by guaranteeing a “made to measure” service IRATI International offers Full Service solutions in a punctual or regular framework for the development of your projects according to a set of specifications.

IRATI takes charge of the entire development process: from the design phase to the finished product… All of our teams are mobilized to advise you on the choice of raw materials, from formulation to regulation and its packaging (primary and secondary).

You can thus resort more or less frequently to our services to carry out a “punctual operation”, whether it is unforeseen or planned to compensate for strong overloads of activity.

Or opt for “full-service Full” which is part of a long-term relationship by entrusting the management of all of your development activity. You just have to focus on defining your strategy. Depending on the needs, IRATI supports all or part of the realization of a new product: formulation, sourcing, manufacturing, registration, packaging … etc. Competitive intelligence and product positioning can also be delegated. In addition to the support of the operational, IRATI offers you a role of advice on the strategy to be implemented.

IRATI has human and material capacities to guarantee you the excellence of the quality of your products in the respect of a perfect confidentiality.

Its primary ambition is to provide relevant answers to the needs of its customers.

The Company

For more than 15 years, IRATI International has supported its clients in their product development projects (regulation, formulation ...) up to manufacturing (quality, marketing ...) in the field of well-being: dietary supplements and cosmetics.

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