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Creator and manufacturer of dietary supplements and cosmetics products for more than 15 years, IRATI offers a true “turnkey” service. You benefit from the experience of our team in terms of formulation and regulation, combined with knowledge of international markets.

Used to manage manufacturing of all types, we have developed our own standard formulas in different galenic forms (capsules, flasks, gummies …) answering a broad spectrum of fields of application: tonic, natural defenses, stress, minor … etc.
IRATI offers a wide range of dietary supplements and cosmetics 100% French or European manufacturing “turnkey” that you can quickly put your mark according to your budget constraints.
In this “Private Label” service, IRATI ensures the follow-up of your “turnkey” ranges from their creation to the final delivery, the anticipation of the restocking and all the logistics of shipment being part of our core business.

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For more than 15 years, IRATI International has supported its clients in their product development projects (regulation, formulation ...) up to manufacturing (quality, marketing ...) in the field of well-being: dietary supplements and cosmetics.

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